Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hills

I've finally gotten resettled into Germany (again).  Course, I'm in the Wiesbaden area, not K-town.  So yesterday came the first little difference between the two.

Occasionally, I like a good walk.  In the Pfalz's mostly flat and a guy can cover five miles and not feel to bad about it.  Here in Naurod-Wiesbaden?  They have hills in every single direction.  So a simple five-mile walk turned into a fair amount of work.

Then I came to discover that trails aren't really marked.  There's a name for the always see those signs, but the name doesn't relate to the village or anything much.  So you come to a fork in the road and try to figure out where this other trail runs onto.  You can figure that this invites debate and after a fair amount of kinda lose your enthusiasm for walking.

Yeah, I'm going to require a GPS now.....just for walking, and that's a sad thing.

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