Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Dry Germany?

Over the past couple of years in Cologne....there's been some aggravated feelings over folks drinking, and doing stupid stuff.  To say that the locals drink excessively.....probably would not be fair.  But, it's a problem.

So they've decided to put all public transportation vehicles and structures (subway tunnels for example) on a dry list.  You can't enter public transportation and drink alcohol.

This starts on 1 September, and has a forty-Euro fine (roughly $50) for violating the rule.

Generally, polls done on the public with the locals....indicate that it's going to be accepted by the majority.  Roughly a quarter of the public isn't happy, and I suspect as they drink excessively.....nearing a station.....they will consume whatever they have left in their bottle, then board the bus or train.  So in effect, you will have drunker individuals riding, than you had before.

These little pubs next to subway stations?  It's hard to say if they will see profits diminish or continue as they are.

Over the years, I've come to notice that from morning hours....until roughly rarely ever encounter any drunks onboard a train or bus in Germany.  After 10PM?  I'd say that a quarter of all passengers on any subway car, especially on a Friday or Saturday evening....are a bit drunk.  It's usually not a problem.....unless the idiot ate a big pizza while drinking, and he or she ends up throwing the pizza up on the train (I watched this once).

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