Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Fest of Wine

 Late yesterday, I spent time over a the Wiesbaden Wine Fest.  It's a week-long event, and one of the top yearly events of the city.  I'd be guessing that on a Tuesday least ten thousand folks were hanging out in the midst of town.

I'll make five observations on this.

First, wine fests are different from beer fests.  At a beer fest....half of the crowd is ripped up and drunk within two hours after arriving.  At a wine fest, I doubt if more than ten percent of the gets even half-ripped.

Second, cops don't do much except make the rounds.  I doubt if they apprehended or arrested more than two people for the whole evening.  It's a fairly safe event to attend.

Third, while wine is the key reason why you showed is typically on your mind.  The problem is....there's only two varieties of food at such a fest.  There's tasty but greasy and fatty German food, and there's the little gourmet plates with cheese, dip and pretzels.  My advice is to stick with the greasy German food, and enjoy the evening.

Fourth.  Nothing is ever cheap at such an event.  Well.....except the free water at the one central water site.  A couple will spend $75 easily in such an evening, and probably even more than that.  There's no such thing as cheap wine in Wiesbaden.  Oh, and if you like red wine.....this is not the general region that produces red 98-percent of what you would find at such a white wine, and half of that is awful damn dry.  Not to complain or whine, but I'm just not into white wine.

Fifth.  Course, I am from Bama, and I tend to notice various things.  Women tend to dress up for these things.  So you have the fancy clothing displayed.....the bare minimum on display.....and slutty attire on display.  Also, you have those guys pretending to be German women.....on display (it's best not to notice and just try not to ask questions).

My general advice?  It's worth attending, but never drive.  Take the bus or taxi.  German cops are out in full force and it's not worth losing your license over a silly thing like this.

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