Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Treaty Yet to Come

It kinda came out yesterday....via Chancellor Merkel's chief of staff....that Germany and the US will sit down later in the year and write up a formal agreement not to spy on each other.  To make everyone happy, there would be some words in the treaty....which would limit economic spying and PRISM (that awful NSA device that looks everything).

You'd have to look at the announcement and say three things.

First, no one is saying such a treaty will ever be completed....only that they will engage and talk about the treaty.  For the most part, a treaty like this could take two or three years to complete.  And even then....one nation could have a change of politics, and render the thousands of man-hours as wasted.

Second, this puts the EU and every country in Europe in an awkward position.  They would need such a treaty with Germany, and the US as well.  So you multiply thousands of hours by twenty because of the complications of dealing with different political dimwits at each level.

Third, if successful....the German Islamic crowd can breathe a sigh of relief as they got covered in this mess by the confrontational German public.  If the treaty prevents PRISM from spying Germans in general....then it prevents German Muslims from being generally targeted unless a German court is directly involved.

Of course, this upsets the various other political parties now.  They had a great topic to dump on Chancellor Merkel, and this brief announcement really screws up a four-star debate topic during a political campaign.

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Don said...


Re: "there would be some words in the treaty"

Words spoken by politicians and many others are just words. The proof in the pudding is their deeds.

You, as so many other bloggers have done should eliminate that gizmo to prove I'm not a robot. It's an unnecessary nuisance.