Friday, August 23, 2013


I spent two or three hours in Mainz yesterday....down on the walk-platz area.  Mainz has a large population of Muslims, and you tend to notice things like this.

After a long bit of observation and pondering, I've come to note there are basically four styles of Muslim berka, the general outfit that Islamic ladies wear.  Course, I admit....I am not an authority or such on the matter.  But you tend to notice things, and put them into category or two.

So, there's berka version one: the 1930s one-size-fits-all type.  It's black or gray.  You could weigh 95 pounds or 350 don't matter.  It's pure cotton, and you have to be sweating up a storm if it's in mid-August.  You don't shop much for this type, and if you really wanted the the low-fashion end....this is it.

Berka version two: probably the 1966 look.  There's around eight colors, and it's less material.  So if you were 95'd look lean and trim in this one.

Berka version three: probably the 1980s look.  Lots of color.  Cut to the form of the person wearing it, and you tend to look modern.

Berka version modern.  This can be a pants outfit, with just enough of a berka look to note your status, but still look fairly modern, and maybe attract a different sort of guy.  

I have the gut feeling that old-style 1930s type berka is dying out.  It's mostly women in their fifties or older who wear it.  And I would imagine in forty years.....the modern version will be the accepted type by most all Islamic women in Germany.

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