Saturday, August 10, 2013

E-Mail Made In Germany

So we've moved onto the next NSA step in Germany.  The big guys of German e-mail (GMX,, and Telekom) have agreed to encrypt all email.  The effort?  Called "E-Mail Made in Germany".  Catchy, you have to admit.

Does it frustrate NSA a little?  I doubt it.  To run a good encryption need keys.  The odds are that NSA has a set of keys for almost all encryption episodes.  Course, it might take longer to break down each email that they grab and extra five seconds perhaps.  So you can add thousands of man-hours onto each week as they progresses.

This episode should have cooled off after a while, but because of the political season leading up to elections in a couple of just brews on.  This week....the SPD, who was using the episode to their advantage....suddenly felt the pains as news came out that one of their top guys was the one who pushed and hyped the relationship with NSA around a decade ago.  So the SPD has gotten a bit negative about the whole episode now.

The next step?  It's possible that Germans might demand the various NSA operations in Germany shut down.  It's a big step that probably shouldn't happen....but you've got weeks to go in the election season, and all kinds of twists and turns.  If one remembers how France ordered the US military to was a very short and blunt the US only a few weeks to vacate French bases.  It would be curious to see how this would occur.

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