Saturday, August 3, 2013

Explanation of Rolladens

German rolladen shutters are what replaced the old fashion wood shutters that would swing around and protect windows during bad weather.

It's a nifty idea.  Basically, you build a box above the window....on the interior usually....and you roll up or down this rouladen.

Initially....decades ago....these were all wooden in nature, and you moved them by hand.

Over the last decade, they've gone to light aluminum, electric motors, and push-button devices to move them up or down.

The advantages?  Well....first, it secures the house when you are out.  If they are in the down's pretty hard for a guy to break in.  Second, in bad hail put them down and protect the windows.  Third....which fits appropriately for this time of use them to lessen the heat in the house.

The cooling effect is rather unique.  You have the windows open all night and around close the windows and bring the rouladen down.  The rolladen reflects the heat, and doesn't allow the glass windows to draw heat into the house.  While the outside temp at 4PM is around 94 degrees.....your inside temp is likely 85.  It's at least comfortable.....not hot.  Then around raise the rolladen, open the windows and the even temperature lessens the heat in the house and brings everything back to a starting point.

The negative about the rolladens?  If they break or get mangled just about need to call some specialized repair guy.  There's maybe one or two things that a regular guy can do, and beyond's hopeless.

Why they never caught on in the US?  I'm not sure.  I always thought they were a fairly good idea.


Anonymous said...

These are a good idea. Being a recently graduated architect stationed in Hanau with an engineer battalion in 1969, I thought about importing some for distribution. Returning to The USA I found that they were already popular in Florida. The economics are that only very high end construction use them. For a pricer, they can be had.

Anonymous said...

According to your spelling your windows are protected by filled and rolled beef steaks. It's "Rollladen", a Laden is a shutter and Roll is roll. Rouladen is french and means a meal.