Saturday, August 31, 2013

Extremists and Wisbaden

Yesterday, the court system in the region handed down a quick order.  The attempt by Wiesbaden to halt right-wing extremists from demonstrating?  Well....the court says the city has no such power to stop the public display.

Next Tuesday.....against the backdrop of the Tawheed mosque in the region....there's supposed to be anti-Muslim group to demonstrate.  The authorities tend to think it's going to be limited to fifty folks.....with counter-demonstration folks thought to be in the 200-400 range.

The German media rarely cover these events, and if they's done strictly to report facts only.  Aggravated feelings over foreigners in the country, frustrated with areas of towns where things have gone downhill, and little trust in the system to work.....I'd take a humble guess that ten-percent of the country wants some action to occur.

It used to be strictly a Muslim problem.  Now?  I'd toss in the Gypsy folks, Bulgarians, and Romanians.  You kinda notice after a while that state-run news units are putting some of the stories up....complete with video, and it disturbs most Germans who watch it.  There are entire neighborhoods now in some cities.....which are trash suburbs.

An end-result?  It won't affect this year's election.  But I suspect that as you get into localized politics over the next four years....more of the right-wing parties will get a seat or two in city councils and county councils.  It'll eventually force the two major parties to look over the facts, and take some appropriate actions.

I'd be the first to may be years before you see hard changes to occur.  But you can sense the brewing nature of this issue.

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