Friday, August 30, 2013

German Cabaret

Cabaret has a certain meaning to most Americans.  It tends to mean dancers or burlesque entertainers in some back-street area of a big city (like New York City or Trenton), and the kind of place where ladies and gentlemen don't attend together.....usually.  It tends to be a place that you don't talk about at church or in mixed company. Germany....if you live around a bigger city (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt....for example), Cabaret tends to mean a night club where comedy, song, dance, drama and political commentary for entertainment purposes.....are performed nightly.

You get a few drinks.....settle back for an hour or two of entertainment.  Cost is usually a couple of Euro....maybe up to ten to fifteen on some occasions.

The Germans shifted over to this entertainment around 1901, and after WW I.....went into version two.....where political commentary became a major part of the shows.  There's been several versions since the 1920s, and I might say that they are likely on version six or seven now.

Cave Queen and Cavewoman?  Cabaret comedy....pure and simple.  You can do just about anything these days for cabaret entertainment.  Folks tend to look for new, raw, and creative jabs at society, government, entertainment, and culture.  Unlike New York City plays.....this is a simple show that a couple of folks can whip up in month....practice for a couple of days, and deliver a show for a month or two.  Then shut it down, and start on the next piece.

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