Saturday, August 24, 2013


 A guy from Bama could take a long walk out in the German countryside, and come across some German vineyards.

Naturally, we'd stand there a while and take a pause....mostly because we just don't see vineyards in Bama.

Then you'd take note of these fancy Jesus-statues out in the better vineyards.  Big statue, nice stone, all carved up and noticeable from at least three hundred feet away.

You'd stand there and ponder a while.  A Bama guy would assume these local folks are fairly religious and all bound up with hope that God will look down upon this poor vineyard and give them the right rainfall at the right time, and then toss in all the sunshine they'd deliver a truly blessed wine bottle in the end.

Course, if you are from a dry county in Bama, you just don't see any reason for God helping these vineyard folks.

So after a long, long pick up your feet and continue on.  Life is awful short and you can't stand around all day....admiring Jesus-statues....mostly because they are way too many out here along the Rhine River.

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