Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Evening Entertainment

I sat last night, and watched HR (one of the state-run TV networks).  The show?  A forty-five minute piece on a science warming.  As you might know.....I'm not a global warming or cooling or climate change enthusiast.

It was an interesting piece.  Every single person they brought on....talked the theme of the show, and did the pro-piece very well.  The statistical display....very graphical and always agreed with the trend.
They got to carbon, and wove in this nifty piece of vacations....and how the airline travel business is "evil" or "bad".  Naturally, this explains why a carbon tax of sorts exist for international travel (but not for regional travel).  What they couldn't explain.....was that carbon is consumed by plant life.  Plants love that stuff.

The climate change expert came on, and reminded everyone of the serious nature of storms over the past decade.  Course, he avoided mentioning any of the terrible storms of the 1800s.  It was noticeable after a just couldn't bring up droughts from the 1600s or 1700s, because it wouldn't fit the model or TV blitz.

Finally, this was supposed to be a news piece, or science discussion....but I noticed about fifteen minutes into it.....light music in the background.  Yeah, it was adding a soothing musical piece to be part of the global experience.

Most Germans will watch this.....question nothing....and wonder why Americans just don't understand.  The American typically asks questions.....which don't fit the details of the script.  People get frazzled by questions.  At that point, the typical German will just move to the view that you aren't that bright or capable of understanding a one-side story.  Your must have been pretty hard for Galileo to take on those nasty Catholic Church wizards, and deny the flat-Earth concept.  And it was really difficult for that Martin Luther character to stand against the Catholic Church and say you just didn't need a slip of paper stamped by the Church to enter heaven.  The conversation usually ends at that point.


Veronika said...

If you don't like Germans so much, why don't you just move back home?

Anonymous said...

Hey Veronika,

i´ve been following this blog for quite a while now and i don´t think he doesn´t like Germans, i belive he is quite fond of em.
He is just pointing out what strikes him as odd, being from another country.

And i am a German, but i love reading what this guy has to say, but thats probably because i lived in the States and in Africa, so i get his points.

Anyway, no offense meant, if you´re reading that at all.

So Long

Letters from Ripley said...

You see Veronika....I'm not out to like or dislike Germans. I've taken the attitude of Mark Twain to observe Germans as an American. I don't want to Germanize myself or turn myself into some self-loving Germanite (not a real word, I do realize but it fits).

Germans are living a fairly different and often complex lifestyle. They don't really want to sit and examine it. So, I'm the one standing there and observing things. And yes, I'm kinda different from a German.

So there's no hate or dislike (other than some German foods definitely on my like list and some definitely on my dislike list). I'm just pointing out what an American would say....when observing a humorous situation (which typically occurs hourly in Germany).

Anonymous said...

Hey I am neither German nor have I ever been to states, but I do find authors tone to be a little self-righteous. All I am saying that if you find Germans to be odd they might say the same thing about you. Everybody is different n that's what make them who they are.

Germans are different that is the reason why their country is called Germany and not USA Part-2.

Letters from Ripley said...

Self-righteous? No. Examination, question, discuss, and observe....the basic unwritten rules of Socrates. Two thousand-odd years later, these standards still work.

You see everywhere I go...I observe and note the differences. I'm not out to preach, lecture, change, or manipulate a society. I try my best not to insult anyone. And I certainly will keep my mind open on various topics. I have no desire to make Germany into the US...nor would I ever take the amusing role of turning the US into Germany.

You ought to note that a few number of folks in Europe these days take up the practice of observing the US, then critiquing it, criticizing it, and then thinking that no one is going to be in their shadows and practice the same effort of analysis.

All I intend to do is shine just a bit of light, and make the same comments that anyone else might make. Those who desire to condemn me....may do so....just cast the first stone and admit you are sinless.