Monday, August 12, 2013

My Grocery

My little village here in Naurod has one single grocery.  It's a Tegut.

The curious thing is that if you lined up all the groceries in Germany.....for discount and pricing....Tegut is probably one of the most expensive groceries in operation.  You will pay anywhere from two percent to ten percent.....more than most groceries.

I don't complain much about it.  They've got just about everything that a guy would want.....from my Evian French glacier German sixty different types of cheeses.  They also probably have a huge stock of bio foods....which I'd never buy....for any reason.

I doubt if more than ten percent of the folks from this village shop there.  Most consider it too costly, or upscale.

The bakery attached to it?  Well....on a scale of one to ten....I'd give it a five at best.

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