Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ripley Basis of Taxation

About once a month on German state-run TV, there's some discussion group which comes up and chats over taxation.  The dynamic of the talk is that taxes will have to go up, period.  Naturally, the chief target of increased the invited group gets around to this topic eventually....are the rich.

Once you get past the middle-class of Germany...the rich tend to be this bottomless pit of folks that you can develop just about any tax increase on, and no one from the news media or the political parties will argue against the idea.

You can guess the trend over the past couple of decades....the wealthy of Germany are working hard for their 'loot', and have gotten pretty devoted to holding on any means possible (to include some illegal means).  This aggravation and frustration?'s not a problem for the folks complaining of more taxation and more wealth distribution.  After all, the key phrase always used in this discussion groups is that the wealthy must pay for the lesser folks in society.  It's only fair.

So, after a long bit of pondering....I'm prepared to offer the "Ripley Basis of Taxation" concept.  For German's, it's a curious piece of logic which will require them to sit for hours and ponder.

Lets drop the modern identification of people and taxes as part of society.  Let's pretend that the Chancellor runs a big zoo, and is the director.  There's a board over the zoo, and the zoo only functions.....if the wealthy and well-to-do of the taxes to help the zoo operate.  Of course, the basis of the whole that the poorer or lesser individuals of the community will have the zoo as part of their life.

The zoo director comes up one day and wants to improve the monkey cages.  More taxation....mostly from the rich.....and no one really says much about this.

The zoo director comes up the next day, and desires to rebuild the entrance of the zoo.  It'd been done two decades ago, and some people think it's a minor waste, but the zoo director is in charge of funds from the taxes it's automatically approved.

The zoo director comes up the next week, and wants to add a fancy pavilion with an enchanting dining facility.....priced beyond the poorer or lesser of the community can regularly pay.  Some folks grumble.  Some of the working class people ask stupid questions, but it's all approved and continues the interest of the poorer people of society.

The zoo director now comes up and wants to hire five university-degree experts on animals, with private offices, a nice pension, and a support staff around them.  None of this helps the poorer people of society, and it's noted in public comments.

The zoo director directs one day that all of the twelve vehicles of the zoo must be replaced....with higher-end and more costly vehicles.  Taxes on the more wealthy have to go up, and everyone seems to ask stupid questions.

After several years, everyone now realizes that taxes have gone up dramatically on the wealthy, but the results can't be tied to helping the poor.  Statues have been bought, infrastructure having nothing to do with the poor are built, and thousands of jobs have been developed for people who definitely are not part of the poorer class.  Taxes have made the wealthy hostile.

So the question is....from all the abundance of taxes now heaped upon the wealthy, and in great abundance.....can we show that 100-percent of the extra taxes have gone to help the lesser of society?  Can we even develop statistics to show 50-percent of the extra taxes have gone onto the lesser of society?  Perhaps.....just a simple statistic showing one-percent of the extra taxes collected.....having gone onto the poor or lesser folks of society?

My humble guess is that you can't show even one-percent of extra taxes in Germany over the past decade...aimed at the more wealthy in German society.....has really gone to the lesser of those Germans.

The problem is that the "zoo director" (really the Bundestag).....have become enchanted over a massive spending vehicle.....where tons of special projects, statues, and government workers have soaked up the bulk of extra taxes collected.

Yeah, this little chat that comes up monthly....talking up the woeful notion of more taxes on the German wealthy is just plain acceptable and the name of the lesser-citizens of Germany.  My humble suggestion for the next group of dimwits that meet and talk up this matter.....why not increase the taxes, but write out a check to every single German of a lesser-situation with 100-percent of the new taxes created.  Just hand them the funny road projects with these new taxes, library books for third-world countries, etc.  

And for Germans who think I ought not step into their tax structure....well...every time I buy even a beer or a bratwurst.....I'm paying a bit into the German tax bucket.  So maybe I should have some little minor say in the matter.

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