Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Cookie Business

It is the last weekend of August in Germany.....and the final weekend for most pools to open.  Ice cream sales are still brisk, with the temperatures in low-80's.  Summer is breathing it's last bit.  And strangely a handful of grocery stores in Germany, Christmas cookies have appeared on the shelf.

You can smile and have a laugh over the early display of Christmas cookies.  Three decades ago.....they wouldn't have appeared till mid-October.

The grocery chains will simply say now that there's a trend, and possible sales to occur.  Frankly, out of a hundred customers who might walk into a German grocery on the final weekend of August.....there might be two or three who'd buy cookies.

Unique?  German Christmas cookies have a few odd designs, but generally taste about the same as regular cookies.  The boxing might be different....just to signify they are seasonal.  Cost?  Well....yeah.....they are more expensive than regular cookies.

Christmas lighting next?  I'd expect in the next two weeks that certain Christmas ornaments will be on the shelves as well.

The typical German is standing there and shaking their head.  August, and Christmas cookies?  It just doesn't figure.

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