Saturday, August 3, 2013

This Elite Problem

Germans have this one unique problem.....which draws the attention of commerical operations to find a solution.

Basically, there's a fair number of Germans who go onto university, and put in six earn a masters degree, and then work hard to get themselves into the 'proper' position....putting hour after hour to be successful.  Somewhere around age thirty to thirty-five....they wake and get concerned that they are still single.  They get more concerned as they realize that there aren't an abundance of single people.....their age....and of their status in life.

You can imagine yourself.....a guy....thirty-six....very educated....deep in knowledge over chemistry....single.  You've got an intense interest in opera and classical music.  You travel yearly to Paris and look at fancy French art on display.  You drink only the better quality wines.  You watch travel documentaries and mostly news programs at night.  You know fourteen ways to do a fancy gourmet meal.  You know the art of ballroom dancing.  You wear mostly expensive sweaters at the office, and $300 Italian shoes.  You can only own a BMW.  You know just enough about soccer to fill out a 3x5 card.  And you haven't eaten at a McDonalds in three years.

The problem is that there just aren't that many women around Germany who would fit your lifestyle.  And you can't possibly lower yourself to date up with some model gal who barely knows how to make toast, drinks any wine....including the California stuff, and eats at McDonalds twice a week.

So this company intervenes and does you a favor.....for some amount of money.  They go out and find someone who comes near your status in life.  Maybe they prefer Greece for vacations.  Maybe they don't even have a TV in their house.  Maybe they are vegetarian in nature.  The thing is....this might be on the only gal left in Germany who comes close to being your perfect match.  It's best not to argue with the data match-up, and just accept the situation.

How many folks end up in this kind of situation?  Statistics just aren't out there to say for sure.  There might be five thousand folks a year who go off to the Elite Partner folks and ask for help.  It might be ten thousand.

The success rate?  Well....that's another thing....the Elite Partner folks won't really say how successful they are in this line of business.  It's a difficult mess to get into.  You end up with a customer who is extremely bright and educated....more than the common person.  You've got a person who has unique tastes in art, food, travel, and hobbies.  And you've got a person who can't accept company of a person that is below their position in life.  Picky....would be the appropriate term to use.  But if you've put a good bit of effort to get to this point in really don't want to screw it up by marrying a bus driver, ambulance driver, or beauty salon lady.

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