Friday, September 27, 2013

Reality Star to Real Star?

I've admitted in the past.....I'm just not into many reality shows....either American or German.  However, I've been mostly amazed by the VOX reality series around Daniela Katzenberger.

Katzenberger came up around five years ago.....some blonde gal who had desires to be a Playboy model.  She jumped on the plane and flew to be seen.  Obviously, they weren't expecting her, and she goes through several VOX show episodes as she battles to be a legit nude model.  Yeah, guys liked the show mostly....but some women were amused by her common sense comments at times.

That short series led onto another, and onto another.

Katzenberger is kinda on the famous side in Germany now, and probably one of the top ten most recognized Germans in the country.  Most would say they admire her comments.....fresh and to the point.  If she's peeved.....she says it in a nice but firm way.  If she's offering tends to be logical.

So, state-run TV has decided to pick up Daniela Katzenberger for a short-run TV series on crime.  It's not for channel one or's for one of the regional networks (SRW).  The character?  A forensic savings expert for a bank.  More of a comedy than a drama?  You could bet on that angle.

From reality show star to real TV star?  It's hard to say.  If you asked me five years ago if Katzenberger could act.....I'd laugh and say no.  Today?  I'd still say that she's just not much of an actress, but she might skip through this TV series and surprise a few people with decent acting.  A career for a accidental nude model reality series star?  Yeah, it's hard to figure this angle.

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