Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Complicated

I generally read a fair amount of German news everyday.....to have a grasp of things.

Today, it's kinda noted in my German state....Hessen....that the talks going on for several weeks after the election for a new collation government....are stalled slightly.  The CDU (the right-wing) won the election but not to a degree that they could run the government, so they need a partner.  Rather than pick the SPD (the liberal folks).....they decided this time around....to select the Greens.

Talks have been ongoing but they've come to this odd point where there is no agreement.  The regional airport....over at Frankfurt....is one of the largest in Europe and continually growing.  The Frankfurt airport team wants to enlarge their footprint.....adding terminal three (2015 start-up on construction and operational by 2021).

Well....the Greens are totally against it, and a fair number of the residents from around the airport want to see zero growth from this point on.  The Greens won big in the region around the airport.....so it's their cornerstone position.

The CDU?  Well....they are pro-business, so there's no problem they see with terminal three construction.

The comical side of this is that most residents of the region would like to see terminal three go on.  Whether this prevents a partnership or not....is unknown.

The second news item of interest is the topic of speedometer 'rigging'.  The Germans have suddenly awaken and realized that a fair number of used vehicles are being sold.....with bogus mileage.

The deal involves folks who have hefty mileage used cars....aware of sales value being less (sometimes a thousand Euro less), and then traveling across the border into the Netherlands to have some guy who has a gadget that hooks up to the car....and changes the mileage in the computer system.  Suddenly, a 2,500-Euro car ($3,250 of value).....goes up another five hundred to eight hundred Euro.....with thirty thousand kilometers that just plain disappear.

The ADAC folks (the German Auto Association)....want some kind of law or action.  It's hard to figure how you'd write this law and how you'd enforce it.  Meanwhile, no one really knows for sure how many cars are sold yearly, with less mileage rigged into the vehicle.

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