Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Wounded American Companies

Over the next couple of months....a couple of US companies will quietly come to admit that they've lost an edge on business in Germany, France, and a host of European countries.  These tech companies were all in the pit with the NSA folks, and the daily stories painted each as a willing player in the NSA racket.

Facebook, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, etc.

How much European business will be lost?  For 2014, I would have serious doubts of Google getting any real profit, and eating up marginal gains to just survive and hope that people eventually forget the episode.  Same for Cisco.  Same for anybody mentioned regularly in the German media.

The cloud business?  I'd take a guess at this point that absolutely no one will play along with this technology and it's strictly a US game from this point on.  Lack of trust....lack of it whatever you desire.

The flip side of this?  Over the last year, there's been talk of Berlin turning into the new Silicon Valley.  Perhaps at this point....the logical view is growth on Berlin's doorstep....with dozens of companies moving out in technology.

German business growth is expected be fairly good in 2014, and perhaps with a inflow of technology geeks from various other European countries.....there might be some German type of Google or Cisco to appear in the months ahead.

Opportunities in business.....often come at odd amusing circumstances.  Maybe this is one of those occasions.

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