Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crime in My Old Village

I tend to still have some attraction to my old village (Naurod, down by K-town).  This past week....the area got into the crime blotter of the region, with an unusual episode.

About two minutes away from the old village is Enkenbach.  It's a sizeable town....maybe a couple thousand residents, and around five grocery operations in the town.

On some afternoon of last week....some kid....perhaps in the fifteen-year old range....walked into the local grocery (Wasgau).  He had a pistol, or so the witnesses reported this (it may have been a bb-pistol, or just a toy-pistol).  His original intent....was to rob the cash register at the front.

One can only take a guess at this.....but I doubt if the clerk had more than 500 Euro in the register, and a quarter of that was coins.

There's some fumbling around, and perhaps a bad accent shown.  No one really freaks out much.  At that time of the day....there's probably twenty customers in the shop.

Anyway.....nothing much happens.  The kid realizes some brief common sense....grabs a Red Bull soda, and runs out the door....without any loot.

Cops get called....put a APB (all-points-bulletin, as Barney would say), and nothing much is found over the next couple of hours.  I'm guessing the kid made off into the woods....walked out to the next village....caught a bus back to some area, and just disappeared.  There's no indication of him being a he might just be traveling through the area, or visiting someone.

Armed robbery in Germany used to be fairly rare.  Around five years the Penny Markt in my village....some Russians pulled up....waved guns....and got a sizeable amount of loot.  They drove off....never to be seen again.

I've come to note in local televised news from Hessen....there's a fair amount of robbery going on.  Some without weapons....some with knives....some with pistols shown.

In 1985, I would have said that Germany was the safest place on the face of the Earth.  You could walk any street of Frankfurt and feel completely or night.  Today?  I won't say that.  Even Wiesbaden has an occasional assault reported....mostly from night-time events.

The sad thing here....potentially....the cops could have made it to the Wasgau store in time.....pulled weapons on this punk kid.....and with him waving a bb-gun around....they'd shot him dead with one single round (yeah, they are that good because they practice regularly).  A bunch of sad tragic commentary would have been uttered....over a stupid kid....and his choice of weapons.  You just can't be sure of nothing.

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