Friday, February 21, 2014

K-Town News

I still follow news around Kaiserslautern (K-town), and today....came a pretty dismal announcement from the Army maintenance depot there at the east end of town....they will cut roughly three-hundred-and-thirty local national positions in the area within the next year or so.

What Stars and Stripes'll be sometime in June probably....when the names are associated with the cuts.  So it's a fairly long and difficult wait for these German maintenance guys who've worked in some cases....for the Army....for several decades.

K-town has been in serious economic trouble since the 1980s.  Other than Opel....there's no significant business left in the town of roughly 95,000.....and a great deal of economic power is derived from the Air Force and Army personnel there (their off-base housing, restaurants, and jobs on the military installations).

How many of three-hundred-and-thirty will find new jobs in the local area?  Zero.  It's as stagnant as you can get.  If you are in the fifty to sixty-five probably will have to accept a trucker job, or pump gas....if you intend to stay in the local area.  A younger guy?  If you are willing to accept a move up to Frankfurt or to Stuttgart....there's probably chances in life for a decent job.

Negativity?  Yeah....I'd guess that most of the five-hundred guys who work for the K-town maintenance depot...are pretty upset right now.  At the most....they might be around until the fall of 2015.  My guess is that half of them will be eased out the door by the end of 2014.

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