Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Night's Tatort

About every six weeks...on Sunday night's Tatort (the ARD...state-run's detective criminal thriller series).....will run a script that is drawn to social issues.  Most don't draw that much attention to the German public.  Last night was an exception.  The title of the episode: Powerlessness.

The case involved the Koln cops....a murder in a subway....that was circling around three punk kids....from rich elite families.

Somewhere in the midst of the early part....the father of the daughter was basically telling the cops that his daughter was 'absolute evil'.  He was more or less inviting the cops to do something to take her down and into prison.

The movie progressed to the end....where the district attorney more or less admits the three all helped to kill the guy in question, but their age and various circumstances meant that they'd walk free.  Adding to the mess is the fact that the girl in question has said that her father has abused in some fashion.  There's some doubt to the truth of her statement, since she's never really told a single straight fact up to that point.

I kinda figured that this was the end.  The scene switched to the riverfront, and the two cops standing there drinking a beer when the phone rings.....another murder.

The last scene took thirty seconds.  They cut to the house of this last murder....the residence of the guy with the 'absolute evil' daughter.  They enter....the girl's head has been bashed in, and the father just sits there....looking at them and not saying anything.  You knew his intent....fixing the problem.

The general statement made by the show? doesn't cover these punks, and the prosecution folks throughout Germany just let them walk freely away.  You, as the parent, might as well clean up the mess yourself.

This ended the show, but then led to a 90-minute chat forum over the same topic.  You see.....Germans are peeved over how legal circumstances has changed the country into wussy situation.  You can't win.....against the law.  For an American, it's a harsh reality....we have the same issues.  And no real solution either.

How many Germans watched it?  Ten million apparently.  Out of eighty million....almost fifteen percent of the population.  I'm guessing most were adults, and most were curious about how the script would handle the topic.  It wasn't a very clean ending like most Tatort shows, where the bad guys are caught, and sent off.

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