Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Local Fest This Weekend

This weekend is my village's (Naurod) big yearly fest.  The Appelblute Fest 2014.

Most German villages have some type of fest....which is a party weekend and a chance to make funds for various clubs in the village.

There will be a dozen-odd clubs running apple wine sales, beer distribution, and selling various food items.

What an American can say is that it's a fifty-fifty chance of rain and fairly cool temperatures for the weekend...based on past history.  Yet, for some odd reason....people still show up.

This fest will be different from the past twenty-five years....in that the big fest tent where music groups were thrown into and two thousand people paid to sit for two or three hours for concert situation.....will not be there.

You see...all through the years....the fest kind of spiraled off and got bigger each year.  This meant eventually bringing in security....bigger crowds than anticipated....parking issues....and a dislike of how massive the operation had become.  So the locals did an odd thing for 2014.....they crossed out the music situation and the big fest tent.  Somehow.....they hope the word gets out and forty percent of the normal crowd simply doesn't come.

Yeah....I know....it's a radical approach to planning a festive occasion....desiring fewer people for a lesser profit.

I've come to notice that almost every community now spends tens of thousands of Euro on security for their fairs and fests.  In a town of 100,000.....there might be sixty security guys walking the operation, the parking lots, and the fest tents.  The various towns now worry about drunks, fights, and scenes which really disturb locals visiting their own fest.

Back in the 1970s....nobody in Germany did much in terms of security, and I would imagine there were just as many drunks then....as now.  What changed to some degree is that you see more teenagers drunk, and fights seem to erupt more easily now between a pair of drunks (usually over staying longer, a soccer club discussion, or over a woman).

So, it's the Naurod Appelblutefest.....xtra-lite.....for this weekend.

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