Monday, May 12, 2014

Soccer Chaos

We are coming to the end of soccer season.  This means your status on the win-lose charts....matter.

In German soccer, if you are in the second league (consider "AAA" in the US), then you are pulling lesser numbers, lesser salary, and lesser status.  But there's this nifty the end of each season, if you place one, two or three in the second MOVE UP to the big league.  And the big three losers of the big league?  They move down a notch.

There's some enticement to stay competitive....and avoid the bottom three positions in either league.

There's another thing too.....there's a third league....considered the "AA-level" of German soccer.  Naturally, you make even less money, less status, and rarely get noticed by national TV audiences.

Yesterday....Dynamo Dresden discovered that by losing the they were in league two....meant that they were going to be dropped into the third league.

For the city and local's a hefty negative.  So, somewhere in the middle of the game....a banner got put up....if you lose the have one hour to vacate the city.  The fans weren't joking.

Things got pretty violent.

Cops, number at a thousand to protect the stadium....had to protect the local soccer players as well.

It's hard to say what happens for the next season, and how the local fans will react to their club being a 3rd league club.  You can figure that about a quarter of the fans will just stay away and avoid soccer discussions except for the top league.

A spiraling down likely to occur with the club dissolving?  Every year....some 2nd league clubs (three) move down, and they work hard to rebuild over two or three seasons, and they usually come back up.  So Dynamo Dresden might do so.  Maybe.

A bit too serious over sports?  Well....yeah.  But what other sports can you get really serious about in Germany?  Tennis?

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