Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Turkish-German Kid and Tragic Circumstances

About a month Montana....a Turkish-German exchange school kid (17 years old) was shot dead by a home owner as the kid was found in the guy's garage (after dark).  Lots of hype came up in Turkey and Germany over this.  As in most stories like this....I usually advocate pausing a couple of days to a couple of weeks....before the real context of the story comes out, and that usually tells the bottom line of the event.

Yesterday, the Missourian came out.....a local newspaper there....which finally got to the final details of the whole matter.

The Turkish-German kid?  Diren Dede.  He came into the garage area (which was left unlocked) after search of alcohol (beer).  Most Americans now keep an extra refrigerator in the garage for their bulk purchase of beer.  It's pretty well established robbery attempt, other than wanting to grab a couple of beers.

The shooter?  Well, there's a bit more to the story.  You see, these robberies that he had (two prior ones) involved the robbers (teenagers as well) taking the guy's bong, and his stash of marijuana.  Cops won't say the size of the stash or the quality....but you get the feeling that he was a frequent smoker and he wasn't just smoking the weak stuff.

The charge now?  Deliberate homicide.  The potential guilty verdict? ranges from a death sentence to a lesser charge of ten years in prison (not more than 100 years in prison).  I would suspect the prosecution team feels it has a pretty good case now, and as a minimum in my humble opinion....they are likely pursuing a deal with the guy to just admit guilt and get thirty years in prison or face a full court episode with the death penalty being possible, and a longer fifty-year deal the least of possibilities.

For the family of the Turkish-German kid?  I'm not sure if this really helps in any way.  Nor would it help in the argument that some Germans would have in America's gun mentality.

My gut feeling?  This homeowner was a frequent marijuana smoker, who was a bit stressed out over the two robbery episodes before, and just wasn't going to take anymore.  The marijuana masked his control issues and his logical thinking ability.  He shot....with no frame of mind.  In a normal year, if cops drug-tested every single shooting....I suspect they'd find fifty percent were doped up in some fashion.  It doesn't help to explain much....but it does tell part of the bigger picture.

Dead kid....hoping to grab a beer or two.....confronted by a doped-up guy with a gun, and an agenda screwed up because of his high.  Not much of a story.....just a tragic set of circumstances that shouldn't have happened.

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