Monday, May 12, 2014

The Ukraine Vote

The sum of Sunday's Ukraine vote?  The two states involved....far in the east of the country had around a seventy-five percent turn-out (considered good numbers), and roughly eighty-nine percent of those who voted....said to annex itself off to Russia.

Disagreement with the polling of the past week?  Well....yes.  Most polls suggested that it'd be at least sixty percent voting to stay within Ukraine but be a separate state.

The next step?  Generally.....there's some question over whether the two states involved will stay together as one entity or shape themselves to be two separate small Crimea, and just join each with Russia.
Some fake numbers?  Well....some urban areas which were supposed to have polling stations....didn't.  For whatever reason, folks had to travel a bit further to vote.  One central listing of voters?  Well.....each station had an open list and you could have gone from poll station to poll several times.  That was pointed out last night, and it might have influenced the election but no one is absolutely sure.

I'd make this guess.....within the next thirty days....both states will take the steps to separate from the Ukraine, and move on.  Russia might be standing for a a realizing that some substantial amount of infrastructure money or funding is necessary.  I suspect the locals will question how this will all work, but feel that Russia is the better deal in the end for their social surroundings.

This ending in 2014?  No.  I think it'll just get more difficult to piece together and find a stable conclusion.

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