Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When Name and Location Make a Difference

Sometimes, I'll point out a successful business concept....that ought to work on sheer name alone.

In Kaiserslautern....over near the Bahnhof there.....the state government put major funding into fixing up the justice building.  I'd go to the point of saying it's one of the finer buildings in K-Town today.

Down on the street level....they had this space left in the building which they intended to use as rental property....mostly as a cafe and restaurant....slanted for the employees of the Justice department itself.

So, some guy got an idea....put in a pub called Capone....after Al Capone, the Chicago mobster.  Using a fancy graphics trick....Al's face is layered around the front and side of the pub.  Good location near the train station, and for mid-traffic around the justice building itself.  It OUGHT to make it....unlike a lot of businesses which are marginal in the beginning and never get a good start.

Maybe on name and's got better than average attention.

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