Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Business and Rent in Wiesbaden

I'll occasionally throw out business numbers and info for today....a moment or two over the cost of renting a business front in Wiesbaden.

There's generally three categories that you can slide any real estate into.  First, there's the walk-platz area of Wiesbaden, which goes for a high price....even if it's a ice cream shop.  Then you have the outlying area around the walk-platz.  And finally, you have the rest of the city, which runs down to Biebrich or Bierstadt.

An area of forty-odd square meters is up for rent right real real estate....a failed ice cream shop on the walk-platz.  Rent?  Two thousand Euro a month.  Hefty, I admit....especially if your business is ice cream and you only have decent sales for six months out of the year.

A grocery front within the city?  You can figure six thousand Euro for a spot in the outlying area of Wiesbaden each month for rent.

A hair salon shop area, with 200 square meters?  Figure around 3,990 Euro a month for prime real estate.

A 13-square meter area for a shoe repair shop near the walk-platz?  Figure roughly 500 Euro. area the size of your bathroom.....for 500 Euro.

You want a 25-square meter kiosk area in Mainz?  Figure around 350 Euro a month.

As you run down the numerous possible real estate options in the region....looking at failed or closed tend to look at the rent situation and ask yourself how a guy could make it with a business idea, and a tough requirement to meet both his rent, and some profit.  And you start to question a lot of options on the table.

The Haagen Daaz ice cream shop in Wiesbaden is apparently on the closure list (the building is up for rent).  You'd need 2,000 Euro a month to cover the bill.  Toss in insurance, utilities, and such.....and you'd have to clear 2,400 Euro minimum.  Taxes?  Then you toss in your needed royalties back to the franchise company.  You'd have to maintain a great profit all year round....and it's just not possible with the product.

Just running a shoe repair shop, and covering your'd start to question how you'd survive long-term.

Being a small business man in a tough market, and it's not for the weak or the naive crowd.

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