Saturday, July 12, 2014

American Style Donuts

Wiesbaden currently has one American-style cupcake shop, and two American-style donut shops.  I've been to the three shops.

What I can is that the cupcake shop, is that it apparently is shutting down.  Prime real estate area, but it simply not enough business, I suspect.

The donut shops?  They both make decent donuts, but they are a grade or two less than what you'd expect in the US....and more expensive than what you'd pay in the US.
Business operations?  It's hard for me to say that either of the donut shops are pulling in enough business to sustain themselves long-term.  If you walk into the Tasty shop on a week-day around 1pm....they've still got half their donuts unsold.  Typically, if you buy donuts....its a morning thing with coffee....not an afternoon event.

Maybe both shops can do just enough to hang on and build up some steady morning customers.  The problem is that neither are near a bus stop or within the train station area where they might thrive better.  I'm not betting on them being around by the end of 2015.

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