Monday, July 7, 2014

Hillary on German TV

Sunday night's 9:45 news chat show with Gunther Jauch....was a sell-my-book episode with Hillary Clinton.  Fortunately, they added the German secretary of defense....Ursula von der Layen, and the former head of the Lutheran Church of Germany....Margot Kassman onto the group.  It went from a one-star program to a marginal two star program.

Among the fifteen-odd questions thrown toward Hillary....involved at least one hard curve on the NSA episode....where Herr Jauch came back with a fairly tough commentary for forty seconds that "friends don't spy on friends" narrative.  There was also a question over the affair that Bill had.....which everyone on the stage said it didn't matter....which made you wonder why even ask the question then?

As for Hillary?  Lot of makeup.....lot of emphasis on simple negativity over President Obama....and an attempt to reference the book on a continual basis.  Sales in the US have peaked after the second week, and they really need the European market to pick up on it....or it'll be considered a general failure at sales.

From an American prospective.....I think Frau von der Layen came out looking pretty positive, and likely has a step up for the replacement to Chancellor Merkel in three years.

As for impressive feelings from the audience around Germany over the episode last night?  I'm kinda thinking that half the audience turned the station by the mid-point of the interview.  There was nothing much gained from the interview and the explanation given for the NSA episode....was pretty lame....which even a German intellectual wouldn't buy the excuse given.

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