Friday, July 4, 2014

Meth Update II

The SPD party guy under investigation by the German cops for meth purchases?  Michael Hartmann.

What the news media is reporting this morning (Friday) that it took the cops TWO months to get the immunity dropped against Hartmann, and allow a search warrant to take place.  Various discussions had to take place and Hartmann had to know from almost day one.....that immunity was going to be eventually dropped by the Bundestag committee.

How much meth could a guy flush down a toilet in two months?  I'd take a guess at 20,000 tons of meth.  His water bill might have been outrageous....but there's no doubt that you could get rid of a lot of evidence in two months time.

You'd sort through your clothing and toss everything that might have a smell or bit of evidence in the pockets.  You'd go through phone numbers in your book and dispose of any connections to sellers or buyers.  You'd clear your desk of any financial papers that might lead to corruption charges.  You could do a thousand things in two months.

As for the law in this case?  It really helped to protect the German political it was designed to do.

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