Monday, July 28, 2014

The BK Solution

Around two months ago....there was an investigative reporting episode here in Germany over Burger King.  The effect of the show?  Well....folks got the impression that most Burger King operations were unsanitary and lacked of hygiene standards.  What the public generally said in the days after that....questions were left unanswered.  No one was sure about their local Burger King operation and just how effective they were at serving quality food.

Burger King won't talk of the cost of that episode....but I would take a guess that they lost fifty percent of their profits at some locations, and just about every BK franchise in Germany took a five-to-ten percent profit cut.

Today?  It's an odd publicity gimmick in the paper by the Burger King franchise managers of Germany.  There's a portal that you can register and actually get a personalized tour of a Burger King near you.  Yep.....allowing you into the ask questions and understand the standards that the crew adhere to.  The portal will activate tomorrow, and run until 10 August.  The following will get a personalized invitation at a time for your local BK operation for a tour.

What will happen?

My humble guess is that less than a thousand folks will sign up for the tour.  Most all of the invited will show up to find the BK staff pleasant....the BK operation clean and operating in a professional manner....and quality burgers on the grill.

It's not a stupid idea.....but it just doesn't have a five-star solution tied to the intention.  The truth is that five million Germans probably used a BK menu at least once a year, and none of them ever got food poisoning or one-star quality food.  The BK menu may not be fantastic or top of the line....but since you are there only to spend seven Euro and simply to fill a hunger spot there around can't be too picky.

In my entire life in Germany (added up over twenty years).....I've only known of three cases of food poisoning.  Two centered around a German (around K-town) place pretending to be a Mexican-food restaurant, and were lousy at keeping fresh food in the kitchen or serving anything that was Mexican.  The third case centered around a German stand that centered it's operation on curry wursts.....and the curry solution was probably way past the point of expiration, when it came to the product that my associate picked up.

There's a general high standard by Germans when it comes to food.  It's the mark of death usually....if someone orders something, and it gets brought out....then you discover it's half-frozen.  Folks get picky....disturbed....won't eat the final then talk about this for weeks with relatives, co-workers, or neighbors.  As a business only one single unhappy guest to wipe out half your monthly it's in your favor to make a professional dinner.

Me going to a BK tour?  No.  I'm pretty confident over their act and what they try to do.  A few bad acts.....some video of the stupidity....and it's greatly harmed the product line.  Course, if they offered a free burger with the tour....I might change my mind.


Anonymous said...

Which place near K-town do you mean?

Anonymous said...

From South Carolina: last year driving through Germany, I found BK well represented along the Autobahn rest stops and used them whenever possible. It was a welcomed sight running down the Autobahn.