Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Gangsters, the Missile, and the Inside Story

At some point, as the Soviet Union crumbled into nothing, and Russia was reborn.....mafia organizations and crime "families" began to become part of the new Russia.  If you run a multi-billion-dollar business in only survive because some part of the gangster element is helping your success.

Ukraine? some ways, it's repeated the same successful pattern.  When the EU folks showed up in 2013 to get to some final point of negotiation over their open-door trade treaty.....the gangster guys were left out of the process (meaning most of the higher players sitting in Russia).  As the head of Ukraine attempted to slow everything down and then basically said it was "the wrong time" for the treaty.....the non-gangster players in the Ukraine started to ask stupid questions.  You can call them democracy players, or revolutionaries or just plain socialists.  It doesn't matter.....they were hindering the manner in which crime elements would run everything.

This split in Ukraine that you see currently, and the group who claim authority over the pro-Russian Ukrain?  In some ways, you can attribute the whole scene to a mob discussion or argument.  There's the same mentality over what is on the top level, who is climbing the ladder to the top, and who is working to take out the top level.

How the Russian authorities fit into this?  Simply as middle-men.  They make it all look legit....while guys sit in rooms and argue over the "take" and the head of some region or city.

The shoot-down?  The gangster element is in a screw-up that you don't typically walk into.  You typically shoot locals or folks in your element.  With the missile business....they've invited various countries to now start asking questions.  The guys who appear in front of the camera and claim authority status as 'heads of the region'......can't really ask stupid questions or fix issues that exist....because they are simply figureheads in this little 'gangster-war'.  Once the public figures this out.....the questions will go back to Putin.....what gangster bosses are you supporting and can we have access to them?  As long as Putin can limit his access to western reporters....the game will just be delayed.

As for an ending here?  Basically.....eastern Ukraine needs to shift itself around and just plain become a gangster state, and the world just needs to accept that.  After a week or two....the general parties of this gangster state will start a mini-war of one gang versus another, and in a year or two.....the mess will clean itself up.

Just my humble two cents on this whole mess.  It's best to just avoid Ukraine entirely now.....unless you really want some piece of a gangster war on your doorstep.

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