Friday, August 15, 2014

Dashcam Ruling

There's been a trend developing between Europe and Russia.....over dashcams.  I know, it's an odd discussion.  In Russia, if you were driving along and had an accident.....there's a fair chance that the accident was caused by the other driver....but he would bribe the first cop on the scene to write the report to indicate you did the miscalculation.  Well....Russians started to use dashcams, and walk into court to show how the accident occurred....thus putting the corrupt cops out of business.

I'd take a guess that ninety-percent of all Russian drivers....even truck drivers....use dash cams today.  Even scooter and motorcycle enthusiasts use them.

The trend passed over into Europe.  I would take a guess that ten percent of German drivers current use the dashcam, and it's continuing to be something that people adapt to.

Well.....someone dragged the use of the dashcam into court.  You see.....Germans are big into privacy situations, and they really don't like public video collection.

What the court said in the past couple of that you can operate a dashcam for the purpose of protecting yourself in court in terms of an accident.  Beyond can't use a dashcam.  The intention uploading to You-Tube or Google Video or Facebook.  You couldn't turn a moment of stupidity of one driver.....into a public entertainment.  Nor can you sell such a video to make money.

It's a pretty well-defined way that you can use dashcams, and that's it....nothing else but showing up in court to show that the other guy made the mistake.

Denting the use of dashcams?  I doubt it.  By the end of 2015, I'd speculate on a quarter of all German drivers having a dashcam in their car.  Eventually, it'll be required by the EU dimwits to be on all new cars sold (I'll even predict that by 2018).  

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