Friday, August 8, 2014

Hiroshima Day in Germany

Every single can absolutely bet on it....on 6 August....the Channel One (ARD) news team will feature a 30-to-45 second piece on Hiroshima Day (the anniversary of the nuke bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

For a number of years, I've come to watch the clip.  There are at least three-hundred more important news pieces around Germany, Europe and in the interest of most Germans.  9-11 getting a mention on 9-11 of each year?  No.

I can say that most of the effort of the ARD news group is level and at least concentrated on getting a simplified story out to the public....over a fifteen minute period.  If you want in-depth stuff....stay up to 9:45 and get the thirty-to-forty-five minute news episode.

Why insert Hiroshima's nuke anniversary into the news?  I think it's the intellectual side of the crew and trying to reinforce the terrible nature of nuclear warfare for the most part.  Some elements use it to pep up German society that American military power is "evil" and needs to be held in place.  Some might even sharpen it to say that American strategies are generally wrong on all accounts, and continually demonstrated even today.

Any updates on 7 May each year of the Lusitania-sinking day (1915)?  No.  The fact that German military officials prioritized the targeting of passenger vessels capable of carrying merchandise or cargo, and that 1,198 passengers and crew died.....doesn't rate for a mention on Channel One.  Out of the 1,198.....I'll be honest and admit that only 128 of them were Americans.

President Wilson got extremely harsh for a brief period of time with the Prussians over this matter.  What the Kaiser eventually the American ambassador....was that it was rather unfortunate and that they would reprioritize their targets to avoid passengers (sinking freighters only leaving the US for Europe).  This policy was kept in place until after Wilson's second election in 1916....when the policy reverted back to the original concept, thus opening the war for the US to enter.

In essence, we would have gone to war by late summer 1915.....if the Kaiser's policy hadn't changed, and the war would have likely ended two years earlier.

The in-depth analysis of the Hiroshima nuke attack?  ARD basically covers the ceremony, showing a clip or two of the aftermath of the attack and sums it all up.  No one ever sits down to discuss the two operational plans developed and would have been used for the US invasion of Japan in late fall of 1945, and expected to extend to war to the spring or summer of 1947.  No German news analyst ever discusses the half-million US troops to be staged (forced from the war conclusion in Europe to ride for six weeks on a freighter and go for an entire second war).

There's never a discussion about the absolute character of Japanese soldiers and their leadership.  There's never a mention of the harsh nature of the last two or three battles in the Pacific theater where a simple battle should have ended in a couple of days and surrender was virtually impossible to get out of Japanese troops.

There's a list of problems with this coverage of Hiroshima and ARD's version of telling a story.  I don't expect much to ever change, and come next year (2015).....even if there twenty-five significant and critical stories to be told....somewhere in the mix for 6 August 2015.....there will be a thirty-second clip of Hiroshima on the 8PM news.  This is one of the few things in German culture that cannot be changed.

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