Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Court Episode Unfolds

We have an unusual court case brewing in Germany....over attempted murder.

For a number of years on the autobahn around Bavaria....this one guy had a small conflict going on with what he interpreted as bad-drivers.  To punish them....he would fire his pistol at the vehicle.  What cops suspect is that for five years running....he'd fired around 700 rounds of ammo.

Deaths? None.  There's one gal with neck wounds, and a large number of vehicles damaged.  The cops reached a point where they knew they had a serious nutcase, and offered a reward.  All of this led to the guy being caught in the summer of 2013.  Yeah, it's taken almost an entire year to get the case up to the court situation.

There are two significant charges involved in the case.  One circles around attempted murder (five counts).  The other charge is grievous bodily harm (multiple counts).  The defense team thinks they can beat the attempted murder charges.  They aren't saying much over grievous bodily harm.

My belief is that the one gal with the neck injury will be enough for the court to convict on one single charge of attempted murder, and all of the grievous bodily harm charges will stick.  So, all total?  Maybe ten-to-fourteen years of prison time.

The stupidity of this?  That's the thing about it.....he legally had the guns (at least the news media indicates that).  He knew what he was doing, and continued to repeat this day after day....week after week....month after month. Bad driver activity?  He just intended to damage your car....sending you a message.

The problem I see is that a dozen people will see this court episode unfold....get the same idea of punishing bad-drivers....and we start to see more such cases in the future.

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