Saturday, September 20, 2014

Looking Over

Three interesting topics from this past week in Germany and Europe.

First, the Scotland episode is over.  Kinda like I'd predicted....a fairly close vote....NO wins.  In the future though.....the Parliament establishment in London is due for a rocky period.  They promised to release various powers back to Scotland, and they have to deliver.

I'd also point out that several communities had more than the fifty percent vote for YES, and it shows that this division thing might be more regionalized than people suspect.

Second, here in Germany on Friday.....a significant number of Muslim communities came out and preached up a message of 'peace'.  They had political figures in attendance, along with Christian enthusiasts, and Jewish community leaders.

I won't go and say much positive over this....because hours later, there will probably be five or six community meetings with Islamic figures preaching here in Germany for some Jihad requirement, and convincing another dozen guys to pack up and go off to Syria in the next week.

Germany is hinting awful strongly that once you leave for your Jihad-mission in'd best not come back.  Those that attempt it....even if convinced of some moral reason to do it.....often find disenchantment.  So, after a while of dealing with incompetent leaders and a bogus war....they wish to return to Germany.  And this just won't be allowed.

Third, some story came out, and hinted that Russia could roll over borders and be in five European capitals within forty-eight hours.  The nearest one to Germany?  Warsaw.  I have my doubts that Putin made the statement, but his backers probably did.

All this make people start thinking over arrangements with Russia, the necessity of buying natural gas from them, and starving them from the markets that they need.

The possibility of crossing borders and getting to five European capitals?  Awful slim.  From the Georgia episode a couple of years took an awful lot of effort to do what marginal movements that they did....against Georgia.  The Russian military of 2014.....isn't the Russian military of 1977.  Logistically, they'd likely start to stall on their invasion as they reached up the beginning of the second day.

Fuel-wise?  They'd basically have to stop along every interstate/autobahn fuel station along the way and fuel up that way.  They'd have to contend with locals who just won't cooperate.  And their business community and billionaire strategy would cease to exist.  They would be wiped out, and they'd be angry enough to hire mafia members to go after all of the Putin big supporters.

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