Thursday, September 11, 2014

Scotland Independence Episode

I noticed in business news today.....the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS, a major player in the UK and throughout Europe)....announced that if they voted "YES" in the independence vote.....then RBS would pack up and move to London.

It's an odd thing.....they trended the popular name of Scotland for decades....yet when Scotland was ever so close to being independent....RBS would just pack up and move to London?

Seems like someone would fiddle with a small secondary bank, rename it "Bank of Scotland" (BoS) and note that they weren't some pretender sitting in London with a bogus name related to Scotland.

The vote numbers?  It's going to be close....51 to 49 percent....yes or no.  Based on commentary off Sky News.....I'd say that a minimum of ten percent of Scotland's voters are still unsure how to vote.  It might even go as high as thirty percent.  This tends to be a problem when your buddies at the pub bring up the topic and you hint of your indecisive nature.....being a Scot.

How the Scotland and Spain vote go in different directions?  Scotland has an agreement written into the joint document combining them with England, that says they have the right to separate.  Spain's state of Catalonia was taken by force and forced into the Spanish homeland.  Nothing within the Constitution there allows for a split-off. The Barcelona crowd hopes to take the sixty-percent (perceived at this point) vote of "YES" and shovel it into the national supreme court, thus demanding a right that does not exist.  None of the Spanish supreme court members have said a word in public over rights such as this, and some wonder if they might allow it...just to prevent the next round (actually changing the constitution would be step two if refused).


blurij said...

I really enjoy the Schnitzel Republic, and I hope this comment doesn't get your Scottish dander up, but other than prestige what does England lose by giving up the socialist welfare state of Scotland?

If Scotland votes for independence, I don't see them becoming a tax haven like Ireland, and where will they get the money to maintain its welfare entitlement society?

To me it seems not much different than the Flanders/Wallonia variance in Belgium. Flanders has been "carrying" Wallonia for quite some time.

Other than a bit of egg on its face, I don't see much repercussions on England (other than saving a lot of entitlement benefits) for saying goodbye to Scotland.

P.S. Is there anyway to email the entertaining and informative blogger of Schnitzel Republic?

R Hammond said...

1. This topic of the British broadsheets over the "socialist welfare state of Scotland" only goes so far. If you actually go to England, Wales and Scotland...touring the region, you find that they are ALL into this socialist welfare gimmick. If you think Scotland has it'd find the same problem in London.

2. The need for England to keep the territory? Oil and natural gas around the north of Scotland. Toss in all the military training sites in Scotland, and the main sub base.

3. What Scotland might develop into is a cheaper point of entry into Europe, by lessening the fees to land there (tourist bucks go up), and a more desirable EU vacation spot (if they flip to the Euro).

What you have to say is that a small country of five million, won't have any NATO obligation, and likely no military other than a coast guard and a national guard unit or two.

As for emailing? I might be updating the site in the future, and will consider adding the feature.

blurij said...

I appreciate your reply which basically rebuts that Scotland may have a bit more going for it than Wallonia in Belgium. I know I would be hard put to countenance any good reasons for that continuing partnership.
You are right, all of Europe is into the "socialist welfare stick," I just thought Scotland and Wallonia were particular exemplars of that model. The pointed question is whether either of them would be able to continue their extravagant socialism without the parent country?

On another topic I was surprised you didn't blog about Germany winning the Weltmanschaft. I'm sure that alone will keep Merkel afloat until the next World Cup.