Monday, September 1, 2014

The Saxony State Election Story

State election in Saxony occurred this weekend.  Typically.....state elections in Germany don't matter too much except the news media will over-analyze what the vote indicated and spend three hours on a Sunday evening trying to tell a very deep and magnificent story.

This election?  Basically, the right-leaning CDU took the lead and got around thirty-nine percent of the vote.  No real shock.

The Linke Party (far left former Communist Party)?  They did pretty well.  This is a part of the old DDR (East Germany), and you'd kinda expect them to carry 18.5 percent of the state's vote.

The only real shocker is the AfD Party (the anti-Euro folks) took a ten-percent win.  Voters who might have voted around for the FDP.....vacated the FDP....and showed a dramatic stance by going with the AfD.  You could say there's some frustration out there and hostile feelings over the economy.

The only question left is how the CDU partners up for the Saxony state parliament.  There's basically only three possibilities.  They indicated last night in a forum that they just couldn't buddy-up with the AfD folks, so that leaves the Greens and the SPD.

National elections are three years away.  And there's a number of state elections to come and go before that one....showing if this AfD thing is a problem in 2017 or not.

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