Saturday, October 25, 2014

The German Comedian Who Crossed the Line

As German comedians go.....I would give Dieter Noor a thumbs-up, but a three star comedian.  He is a satirist.  His material is mostly thoughtful things....which a typical guy would come across....ponder....and then give his logical assumption of the real event at hand.  From the dozen occasions I've seen him....he's not in the top ten German comedian group, but you might put him in the top twenty-five group.

Dieter has gotten himself onto another German comedian in trouble with the Islamic folks in Germany.

This week, it came out that Dieter's expected comedy act this Saturday night (25 Oct).....up in Osnabruck, Germany (north Germany) expected to have protests by various Islamic members of the community.

The accusation?  In Germany, there is a ultra-fine line about satire and religion.  You can say a handful of things, and the rest would get you into trouble.  Course, the satire crowd would sit there and waste forty-five minutes talking up Catholic priests.....child-sex and religion.....and blast away at dozens of religions in the world without any hesitation.  By the rule of the law, they've probably crossed some line, but the fact that no one says anything.....shows the public sentiment on this.

Well, in this case, Dieter picked up the Koran, and started to pull direct quotes out of it.  A local guy in Osnabruck has decided enough is enough....that crossed the line, and he's labeled the entire act as "stupid propaganda" against the Muslim religion.

What the cops will say is that they have received a complaint about Dieter.  The local prosecutor holds the complaint.  In general.....locals don't think much will come out of this.  If you go after Dieter, it opens up a can of worms, with dozens of mainstream comedians likely to then pick up where Dieter left off, and you'd have to imprison all of them for something.  The prison sentence if convicted?  The local newspaper out of Osnabruck indicates up to three years in prison for abusing free speech and dumping on religion.

All of this brings me around to the Islamic guys who talk up their religion and quote directly from the Koran.  If they quietly did everything within their local building or their one would ever say much.  By publicizing on YouTube, the internet, and making public statements (often using direct quotes from the Koran) end up attracting more attention than you deserve.  Then you get the wrong crowd involved, maybe purposely.....and then you complain that people work against you.

I'm kinda reminded of a JFK-derived quote which might fit well into this mess.....ask not what I can do for my religion, but what my religion can do for me.

Over the past decade....I've yet to see one single act of goodness or kindness or charity come out of the Islamic community.....that got any notice.  Maybe there are such acts....but you tend to see a bunch of guys running around the globe....mostly hyped up on killing someone or destroying something.  Helping kids in new countries with homework and learning the language?  Never seen, and I doubt if there is such a device in Germany.

Maybe a dozen folks will show up tonight at Dieter's show in Osnabruck and protest.  Maybe fifty folks will show up.  But I'm guessing Dieter will go right back into his act, quoting the Koran, and asking for people to sit and think over what they actually see.

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