Wednesday, November 12, 2014

109 Sentences

Being an American in Germany....I'm in observation status on a daily basis.  Things are perceived in different ways, and people act in a custom that you might not regularly see.

So, I've come to an odd view of people who say they are Muslims.  There are two crowds of Muslims in Germany.  One is the group which tells you that they are true Muslims, but tolerant of people and very peaceful.  They want to comment that they aren't into any kind of violence, and just want a safe and stable environment for themselves and their families.

The second mostly a charged-up and peppy crowd of Muslim members, who pursue matters with the Quran dictating their focus.  The war in Syria, violence on western society, and pop-jihad mentality are part of their enthusiasm.

Here in Germany, the first crowd always claims that they aren't part of the second crowd, and therefore deserve your sympathy.

I sat there this morning....looking over the Quran.  It's an odd thing.  There are 109 sentences or text items within the Quran which note that a non-believer needs to be put down or executed (war is the general term used).

For the peaceful crowd?  It's hard to sit there and view their comment to tolerance, when their book of belief says absolutely otherwise.  Are they pretending the 109 sentences don't exist?  Do they just overlook those 109 sentences and just say they are "Muslim-lite" and fake themselves out?  It's hard to say what these people are really thinking.  Maybe they don't read the Quran like they say or they'd like to just be accepted by society and that means the 109 verses don't mean much.

A fake intolerance?  The only way you get to that idea is to overlook the 109 verses. Period. Thus, you make yourself a fake Muslim.  A pretender, in essence.

Germans aren't exactly idiots.  I think they will eventually come to look over the Quran and ask about these 109 verses.  This won't come out in a pretty ending.  Some people will have to question themselves and ask what this whole thing of religion is all about.  


Anonymous said...

I am a muslim of Pakistani origin, living in America for 15 years and love Germany. Actually spent a month in Germany this summer on vacation. I follow my religion (like offer prayers, follow Quran...) but regarding those 109 sentences ,i believe that those don't apply to our times. Those sentences about "non-believers" were when Prophet Muhammad was in exile and small groups of muslims were fighting the folks from his city of origin as well as surrounding cities. in fact in other areas where you read similar stories in Quran of "historic events" that can be corroborated in even old-new testament i.e. gays in Lot valley... i take it in the context. Whereas i believe in gay rights even though and also for women right to choose despite abortion forbidden in Quran and Bible. Does that make me "muslim lite"

R Hammond said...

I generally believe half the Muslim faith have various problems with the Quran's "rules". Over 1,500 years....the Christian Bible has been edited in various fashion, and some faiths have edited out the portions that offended them. It's not a popular thing, but you can sense that it's not that perfect of a book. The Quran? If anyone suggested to edit some portion of it and remove offending'd turn into a big mess. So editing is impossible, and other than just pretending some text aren't fitting in modern times...there's nothing else left to do. In plain English....'between a rock and a hard place'.