Friday, December 26, 2014

Getting Lost in Germany

Sometimes, you will come across a German story which will reassert Germany as a rural land......instead of the urban mecca that we are mostly accustomed to and expect to see.

This morning in the news.....out of Bavaria.....there's this young German gal (23) who was traveling from Frankfurt with her visit her mother.  For whatever reason.....she was going to rely upon her GPS....even though the entire ride was not more than thirty-five minutes of driving, IF YOU STAYED ON THE AUTOBAHN (note, I intentionally capped the phrase).

The destination?  Aschaffenburg.  It's just a couple of miles over the border between Hessen and Bavaria (German states).

You'd look at the route on Google and figure there's nothing rural involved here....just urban landscape.  Well, no....if you told the GPS to find a rural way of getting to the destination.....the GPS would help you accomplish the worst possible way.

Somewhere between Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg.....this young gal got off onto a dirt road (likely identified on the GPS) and got stuck in the mud (it's been wet lately, no surprise there).  No one around, so she called around and eventually got to the cops who were ready to help her.....but they needed a location.  She simply didn't know where the heck she was.  No, the GPS was apparently helpful in this matter.

So, the cops did the natural thing....using their internal capability.....they traced the cellphone and got some bearing on the location.....driving out and eventually finding the stuck car.  With a four-hour delay built into the little adventure.....she eventually got to mom's house.

For an American who ventures around feels like one rather large urban least here in the Rhine Valley region.  The truth can venture off the main roads and find yourself in the middle of nowhere....if you try hard enough.  Hard to imagine, but Germany is big enough to have a large uncivilized side to it.  So, the next time you are messing around with the GPS and going from point A to point B......think about the implications of non-autobahn travel.

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