Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just An Odd Story from Today

Here in the local Rhine Valley region....near Giessen....there was a robbery this past weekend from an apartment.

Cops got called out....someone had broken into an apartment, and among the things stolen....was the renter's piggy bank (yep, an actual real piggy bank, of an exceptional size).

What the victim said was...they had recently weighed the piggy bank that they'd been throwing coins into, and it was up to around 54 kilograms.....roughly 110 pounds.  Amount in it?  Unknown.  I'd take a humble guess and say at least three-hundred Euro in coins....maybe closer to four-hundred but depending on what he threw in.

All cops will say is that they find it hard to believe that one person totted it away, and the guy involved had to have someone helping him.

All of this brings me to this odd German habit about saving coins via an actual real piggy bank, a booze bottle, or some type of box.

What tends to happen is a guy collects until it's full, and then has some goal in mind for the use of the money....like a vacation, a new TV, or some big party.  I won't say all Germans do this.....but a fair portion have some type of bank situated in their house for excess coins.

How would you tote away 110 pounds of coins from a house?  To me, it'd be a bit difficult and you'd have to break it sooner or later.  The big thing is.....you really don't want to brag about this as the robber....you'd get a pretty lousy reputation, and you'd hate to be spending three years in a prison....known as the piggy-bank-robber.

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