Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pegida, Status Update

The demonstration for it's once-a-week episode in Dresden  was noted on Monday night with approximately 17,000 people attending....up two-thousand over last Monday night.  German news (at least on the state-run networks) for last night.....lightly carried it and I suspect they are on some type of plan to marginally mention it and hope the lesser hype will mean lesser attention to the anti-immigration crowd in Germany.

I noticed this morning that ARD (Channel One from the state-run TV crowd) was running a piece from social science analysts saying that the dramatic reason for people being behind Pegida....was fear.  Yeah, there's irrational fear driving people toward a anti-immigration agenda.....at least that's the experts who ARD who are say about this.

Naturally, you'd say the same thing when people gather to demonstrate against Israel....fear drove them to run up a protest movement.  Then naturally, you'd say the same thing when people gather to demonstrate against nuclear power plants....fear drove them to run up against nuke power.  Add onto it.....naturally, you'd say the same thing when people gather to demonstrate against the NSA and the US....fear drove them to say all those silly things.  Right?

There's some point when you need to call someone's bluff and just ask how you develop such a conclusion that only works on one singular negative.

Presently, I'd say that the political folks in Germany can sense a broad problem if Pegida branches out and becomes a Monday night experience in forty significant German cities.  Just talking against them....means vote losses in regional elections.  So far, AfD is the only party that has shown some commentary in marginally supporting the anti-immigration crowd.  For the SPD and CDU, both would suffer a serious setback in 2015 if some regional election occurs, and AfD suddenly picked up thirty-percent of that state's election results.  Since neither can partner up with AfD....it opens the door to serious future problems down the road.

From the topic list of twenty-odd things that normally make it for an election period....'immigration' and 'anti-immigration' typically DON'T make the list.  It opens up a vast list of strategies that the party chiefs for the five significant political parties of Germany would have to review and force speeches to be reviewed prior to being given.

In essence, things of a usual nature for political episodes in Germany.....might get stirred up a bit.

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