Friday, December 19, 2014

Remaking the News?

I sat last night and watched ARD (Channel One).  Later in the evening, they featured their news topic show.....Panorama.  It's a show which picks up top political and current event topics.....shines a bright light on the overall subject and generally lays out more facts.  Panorama and it's 'hosts' are capable of slanting the news but rarely do.  Last night was slightly different.

They sent a news team out to Dresden, covered Monday night's anti-immigrant march (the Pegida group).  Fifteen thousand local residents showed up for the march.

The intent of the Panorama news team was to confront the individual protest members, and throw facts out them.  An example.....getting the guy to stand and give some reason why Muslims are a problem, and then the news guy responds that only X-percent (a very small number of the immigrants over the past year) are Islamic in nature.  The German interviewed simply continues on with his complaints about the immigration problem. Next subject, half-way through the resident's tirade....another Panorama "fact".  There's around ten of these built into the segment.

Later in the evening....a regular news segment to discuss over why only people in Dresden are acting up like this....which I was amazed because it's generally occurring in a dozen German cities.  They wanted you to believe it was a Dresden-only episode.....when it is not.

But this brings me to an odd observation.  For months....maybe even a year, there were these news reports of immigration problems, refugee crisis episodes, and integration issues via state-run news.  Then suddenly....somewhere in just all vanished.  If you watch any state-run TV news service....doesn't matter what network or host they's virtually gone from a nightly thing to almost nothing.

Four months ago, I wrote an essay over this odd thing that the news groups in Germany had created the whole wave of people hostile and frustrated over immigration and refugees.  By showing it nightly.....people got into it, and got hyper.  Well...the news groups woke and now realize the monster they created, and would like to undo it.

I'm not sure if you can undo it.....and if you did.....what would you be saying as a competent news organization?  Making up news, then unmaking it?

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