Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Updated Car First Aid Kit

About every two years, there's some big revision to the German auto first aid kit.  For 1 Jan 2015, there's another revision....which means you either get the new components required, or face up to the music to buy an entirely new kit.

For an American, this is one of the hundred-odd German facts of life.  By law, you must carry the first aid kit in your car.  There is a standard to the kit, with mandatory items which must be in the kit.  It is possible that you could just buy a bag.....then buy individual items as it comes up.....but the cops tend to freak out a bit when they see this type of approach.

If you get stopped by the German cops and they want to check out your car.....this will be one of the five things that they will review and could possibly ding you for a fine/ticket.  Most Germans end up buying a new first aid kit every three to five years....just to be on the safe side.  During my Air Force years.....I knew various Americans here in Germany who had a twelve to fifteen year-old car, and still had the original first aid kit in it....and just said 'screw-it' on getting a new kit.

The new standard?  Same old kit, with DIN 13164 coming into effect.....adding two wet-towelettes and a fourteen-bandage baggy.  The necessity of adding these two items? Hard to say.  It went through some review board and was approved without any public discussion (as far as I can see).  The odds of two more towelettes doing much good?  Maybe if you were changing tires and cut your hand slightly.....it might be helpful, but otherwise, it's just a added waste to the rules.

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Anna Scott said...

Nice post.. can someone suggest me a good travel first aid kit?