Monday, January 12, 2015

The Cartoon Argument

This was a weekend in Germany where you could press onto various news sources (BBC, France 24, Sky News, CNN, and at least four different German networks) to get a discussion over the Paris events of last week, Islam, cartoons over Muhammad, and directed lessons over tolerance.

I tended to notice a number of apologists who voiced the call that you just can't make caricatures or cartoons that demoralize the Islamic people (their word of use in the moment).  They limited their focus or comments....not wanting to suggest that Christian caricatures or cartoons of Jesus, God, Moses, Amos, Barnabas, Gad, Jonah, and the fifty other primary and secondary prophets.....were OK to caricature or use as cartoons.

Yeah, it's about the dopiest apologetic crap-job that you could watch and realize they were totally serious.....not pulling your leg.

The sad side to this is that I could stand up in Germany today....announce myself as a prophet, give out some guidance, then render some threats that my God was Chancellor Merkel and any cartoon or caricature of her, in any public setting.....would bring me and my followers to wish harm on the guilty party.  As foolish as it sounds.....logically....every German publication and news media service would automatically shut down the Chancellor's cartoons.  After a month or two, at least five hundred additional prophets would appear in Germany, and note their God (from Helmut Kuhl to the dead guy Karl the Grosser who was the original king of Germany).

I've come to this reality about this cartoon argument.  Some folks are living out some fantasy life of 7th century social and intellectual responsibility.....unable to live in modern times....then forcing themselves to live in a civilization that is a burden to them and their ticket onto heaven.

The apologists could make this all simple....make some German law that says all prophets....Islam, Buddhists, Jewish, Catholic and Christian....rate for cartoon protection.

Now, I'd quickly run up to render the comment that the twelve sons of Jacob are not considered legit prophets....although some (I emphasize some) religious scholars note ALL twelve as prophets....simply giving the title because they were sons of Jacob.  Then one scholar might run up to say that the son "Dan" of Jacob....was a troublesome kid and did some really crappy stuff....thus not deserving the title of prophet.

As you can sense....this is all wasted chit-chat....over religion and folks who've been dead for two thousand years and don't really add much to civilization, society, or our existence today.

If you've got time to sit around and drink coffee....BSing....chatting severely......cackling like chicken.....chewing the fat over wasted lives.....gossiping over prophet status and who out-ranks've lost prospective over your life and what you might be able to contribute.  Yeah, it's need a twelve-hour-a-day job that involves sweat, physical labor, and to get your enthusiasm back down to rational sense.

For the apologists?  I hate to break it to you.....but your act is about as lame as the latest tunes from Madonna.  I'm not buying into gimmicks anymore or one-star public talents that you've shown.  If you can't improve your act.....move onto soccer analysis or sixteenth century intellectualism.

Sorry, I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings.

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