Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Missing Gal Episode from 2014

About a year ago, I blogged over the disappearance and possible murder of a local gal here in Wiesbaden (Schlangenbad)...."Britta B".

Authorities took the original story that the husband told....spent days searching for her.....never found a body, and came to view the husband in some murder episode.

The regional cops spent a number of months trying to find the body.  Without it....it's near impossible to win in court unless you find some accompanying evidence (pool of blood, DNA evidence, etc).  They eventually had to let the guy go.

This husband eventually left the region and went back to his home country of Belgium. This past weekend, Belgium cops came and arrested him on a warrant from Germany.  There's court action underway and you can probably bet on questions being asked in a Belgium court over how you prosecute a guy without a dead body.

The odds of success?  Last year....after the prosecutor tried to run murder charges....the Hessen court intervened and said that it just wouldn't work with the body issue.  What changed?  Don't know....the local press hasn't found much of anything in terms of changes other than the husband packed up and left Germany.

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