Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Disney Mess

It's an odd business story and probably won't get mentioned in any major news media.  Accusations are now flying from the EU to the Disney folks.  The issue?  Well....Euro Disney in Paris....has various deals and discounts for people who come, and depending on what nation you come'll go up and down.  In the can't discriminate against one nation.  So the EU comment is that this method of discounts is wrong.

As you step back a have to realize that when Euro-Disney was built, there was tons of enthusiasm and they felt they had the magic to make this work.  Tons of research had been done and they'd decided that Paris was the perfect fit for the 'magic-kingdom'.  So they built it.....and the customers didn't really come as anticipated.   Yeah, shocker.

There are various reason why Euro-Disney had issues over the first couple of years.  Advertising probably should have been doubled.  Bonuses for travel agencies who got people talked into a trip should have been on the agenda.  As time went by,Euro-Disney got smarter and eventually built up individual country responses, as odd as it sounds.

What they discovered was that Brits plan out trips months and months ahead of if you want to entice a Brit need to put a special bonus deal out there in November or December, when the family will come in the preceeding June.or July.

For Italy and Spain....the discounts always included train tickets as part of the gimmick.  This is mostly because of the distance required and the business model that Disney found that works with these two countries.

For French people themselves....the eventual discovery was that French families would pick up the idea of a Disneyland trip barely a month ahead of the actual trip, and they'd drive themselves to the park.  So any discounts for French families....needed to be advertised and planned in the spring or summer period only.

No one says much, but I would assume that the German deal probably concentrated on families who were planning a trip six months ahead of time and discounts likely came in the February or March period.

The EU says.....this is all wrong and Disney needs to clean up it's mess.  The Disney folks say nothing is wrong here because if you were Italian and wanted to take up the German'd just call the connection in Germany and ask for their discount.  What Disney is that they've got a bulked up pricing scheme for the park, and everyone ought to ask some discount plan, period.

Here's the matter what you do or will spend tons of money for a simple four-day trip to Euro-Disney.

The two-park one-day ticket?  Remember, it's really the regular theme park and the movie-studios park.  It's roughly $88 (2012 prices) per adult.

The hotel?  If you stay at the Disney hotel complex.....people tend to talk of $800 minimum for the hotel and food deal, per day (yeah, that's a good bit).

Spending a day in Paris and using regional travel options and eating in Paris?  You can figure at least $200 on a family of four for one day.

In a way, it's comical that the EU got stuck on this Euro-Disney topic.  The EU folks act like all Europeans think and plan in similar ways, and it's just not that way.  I kinda feel sorry for the Disney folks.....they've worked hard to overcome twenty different styles of thinking and planning for vacations, and this is the only way that things work.  Meanwhile, the EU guys sit there and devise various gimmicks for French farmers instead of Greek farmers and they just grin when someone points out that all farmers ought to have the same exact deal.

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