Monday, July 27, 2015

Topics of the Weekend

There were two political topics laid out by the German national news folks (state-run TV) for the weekend.  US drone wars and the refugee crisis going full-blast within German states.

ZDF (channel two) will run "Good Kill" tonight at 1015PM.  It's a fictional piece that was done in the US and supposed to have gone to the theaters.  Lack of interest seems to have destined it to be sent straight out to TV usage, so the ZDF folks picked it and will run with it.  It's the story of a burned out drone pilot in Vegas, and they wave the anti-drone sentiment into the film.  After this concludes.....there's a hour-long documentary piece to wave some factual information around the fictional movie script.

The intellectual slam against the drone events is limited to a couple of things.  This is a evolutional thing where people used to be standing on the ground and gathering facts at the actual location, and it cannot be possible for the same things to occur if some guy is sitting in a building in Vegas.  They'd like for that pilot to be sitting either over the site on standing near the intended target so he can see everything.....even if it's a hundred times more dangerous and he might be killed or taken prisoner by the Islamic crowd.

Another intellectual slam is that it's just not right to go after these targets without real justification.  You kinda sit and ask what justification would be sufficient to meet their criteria, but that conversation is recommended for another day because the intellectual hasn't really thought much about that topic.

ZDF has a bit of a problem with the movie and the time slot.  You see....because of the violence within the movie (to make their point)....there's a German law that says it can't be shown prior to 10PM.  The news ends at 1015PM, so that's the slot that's open. This is on a Monday most folks are already heading to bed at that point.  Recording it?  Well....amusingly enough, I'd say at best around the nation......ten percent of the eighty million Germans might have this ability and less than a quarter actively record such shows for later viewing.  Then, added to the top of this.....for two German states....vacation just started last Friday for school kids and most families are in some travel mode.

My humble belief is that it'll be less than 100,000 people who end up watching the show.....mostly because of a menu of other choices of "entertainment".

So, onto the second topic of the weekend.....the refugee crisis.  It's finally gotten to the point where the states admit they can't handle the inflow of people.  They want the Bundeswehr (German Army) to step in and run the whole business.

Naturally, this would mean a dozen-odd steps would have to occur.  The Bundeswehr DOES NOT have the funding in a comical sense, the Bundestag would have to sit down and admit this all has a funding impact and actually pay the money for the refugee crisis and immigration issues.

This has an imagery problem because you really don't want the public or the international intellectuals to see a bunch of refugees in Germany being handled by guys in military uniforms.  It'll take less than six months for some folks to recommend that soldiers dress in civilian clothing or arrange for some uniform that doesn't look military.

As for the numbers of immigrants?  This is getting to a point of being a political topic and over half the nation is not happy about the circus-like atmosphere they see brewing here.  It hurts the Greens, the CDU, and the SPD.  The 2017 national election is not that far away and folks will start to consider the impact of public sentiment going negative.

What's the limit of the German state?  They indicate that we are at the 500,00 point for 2015 now......and it might go well past one-million refugees by the end of the year.  What they also say is that the majority....are from nations with no war, and they will be shipped back to their country of origin after a brief review of the paperwork.  Naturally, I expect the same folks to get upset and try to return to Germany a second time.  Naturally, all this paperwork and review take time.  Time means money and living accommodations, which some German has to pay for....via taxation.

If it sounds like a soap opera is.

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