Sunday, August 23, 2015

German TV Comment

Focus (the German news magazine) wrote up a piece over the top shows of Germany for the past couple weeks.  Summer is usually a poor period to judge the offerings over public and commercial German TV.

Very near the top was the Tatort series with the irregular crew of Thiel and Boerne.  From last week....out of eighty-million German residents....almost 9.6 million Germans watched the show.  It's a hefty number for the summer period.

Tatort shifts around every Sunday night with police crew.  I would take a guess that there are at least twelve different cop teams used for the ninety-minute police movie.  Some get two or three shows a year, and some get ten shows.

The crew of Thiel and Boerne?  Well....there's a unique blend of humor and drama built into the script.  Normally, you might get maybe a dose of one-percent humor in most Tatort episodes.  They've developed the characters to the point where you realize both are a bit strange and unusual.

Thiel is the mid-forties cop who is permanently single, who has a taxi-driving father engaging in marijuana usage.  Thiel can't drive a car (you always see him on a bike) and he usually gets knocked out or tied up at least once in every episode.

Boerene is the medical examiner who is also permanently single and intellectually beyond anything you've ever seen.  In fact, he's got so much intellectural wisdom that he lacks plain common sense.

I watched last week's episode.  Boerene led off the show with some idea of bulk-buying bananas (a whole box of bio bananas.....probably over fifty bananas....which you'd never consume before they spoil.  They were on sale.....which made sense to Boerene.  Somewhere in the big box of bananas....laying two spiders of a poisonous variety, which he eventually came to realize after he'd dumped the box on the kitchen countertop.  Sadly, the realization only came after both disappeared into the apartment wall....thus requiring some spider expert to enter the story and spend days hunting for the spiders.  All of the background of a murder investigation.

Most German shows probably wouldn't make it on US TV.  But for some reason, I think Thiel and Boerene would make it.

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